SEO is a technique to list your website first place [ Top position] in Google's search results whenever users type in search bar.

We are providing a 100% Money back Guaranteed SEO Service in Karimnagar. Without a proper SEO your web site never appear in search engines [ Google, Bing, Yahoo ] for any keywords. Then what is the use of your website? Customers search services, products in internet if your site not found in search you loss the clients while others grab it.

Price List - SEO Services

Basic SEO
Price 7,500/-

Keywords Optimization: 5

Competition: Less

Sitemap XML

Google Analytics

Webmasters Tools

On Page SEO

Link Building : 100

Page Authority: 10+

Domain Authority: 10+

Local SEO : NO

Monthly Reports: NO

Work Process: 12 Days

Advaced SEO
Price 12,000/-

Keywords Optimization: 10

Competition: Medium

Sitemap XML

Google Analytics

Webmasters Tools

On Page SEO

Link Building : 300

Page Authority: 15+

Domain Authority: 14+

Local SEO : NO

Monthly Reports: 4

Work Process: 30 Days

Premium SEO
Price 30,000/-

Keywords Optimization: 20

Competition: High

Sitemap XML

Google Analytics

Webmasters Tools

On Page SEO

Link Building : 1,000

Page Authority: 20+

Domain Authority: 20+

Local SEO : YES

Monthly Reports: 6

Work Process: 3 Months

Why should you trust us?

Do you notice how we got top position in Google's first place, while you are searching for your recquirement. Check our site in Google ranking. Type in google for Web design in Karimnagar, SEO Service in Karimnagar. We are #1.Because we are experts in Search Engine Optimization algorithm.

SEO Tools covered in Process

  1. Keyword Research
  2. On Page optimization
  3. Off Page - optimization
  4. Webmaster Tools
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Local SEO

Keyword Research: The Most important step in SEO is Keyword research.  If you choose this step wrong your entire efforts will be Zero. We advice how to choose the appropriate keywords, what keywords will make you profit with our advanced tools.

On Page Optimization: Under this we optimize your site from ground level. Perm links, Titles, Header Tags, Alt Tags, Meta Description, Fonts setting, Image and video alts. Page Speed, Loading, Server errors etc.

Off Page Optimization: With our powerful tools, We make 100% Genuine link building [ less spam score ] it can be valid for life time. Off Page optimization process carries the below steps.

  1. Directory Submission
  2. Blog Commenting
  3. RSS / Press Release [ Only for news site ]
  4. Link building [ 100% Genuine ]
  5. Plus other 3 hidden techniques

Webmasters Tools: We optimize well your site. In this section you can check your website reports daily. We give you monthly reports of your site rankings.  Under this we correct site links, structured data errors, sitemap errors, internal and external links, Google index problems and crawl errors.

Google Analytics: We link your site with analytics account, So that you can check your visitors interest, search terms, location, devices etc.

Local SEO You can list your Business Name, Phone Number and Address of your business with map. With our advanced technique we will make your business top in search results.

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